Tips to Kill Bad Mood - Get Rid of Your Bad Mood

Updated on 02 Mar 2010, Published on 02 Mar 2010

No one entertains a bad mood yet it keeps coming back since staying in good mood is not always possible. There are two main reasons why most people are always in a bad mood. First is they are too lazy to do things that would be helpful in improving their mood. Secondly, they are not very sure of the root cause of their bad mood and do not have any idea of what should be done. Being happy or moody is a choice that you have to make on your own. It is just a normal part of your life and it solely depends on you to whether look forward for the silver lining or the dark clouds.

As the saying goes, "where there is a will, there is a way", if you really wish to fight off that negative feeling, then there are a number of ways. All that is required is to simply change your view and look beyond the boundary of your moodiness. Following are some of the tips to kill bad mood:

1) Sit down in a calm and quite corner where you can be on yourself. And think about the reasons that might be causing the bad mood every now and then. Though you may not know what it is but you can still try to focus on yourself and think of the good things.

2) Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Slow down the pace of your breathing. While you do so, imagine a ball of energy in your mind and visualize yourself releasing the energy.

3) Listening to music also helps in uplifting your mood. It has a great impact on the mind and the brain. As you lie down, turn on a soothing and calming music.

4) Exposure to sunlight is essential as it helps in the production of hormones such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. These hormones are essential for improving one's mood.

5) Doing things that you love doing is another way out to wave off that bad feeling. Forget about everything and set a goal that has a purpose in life. Be firm and do not let anything discourage you. Inculcate a positive attitude.

6) Get yourself enrolled in a social organization or your local club. Spend time with your friends and indulge yourself in some worthwhile activities.

7) Regular exercise and eating right is also as important as any other ways in order to curb depression. Stay away from alcohols and other addictions. Instead indulge in activities which makes you feel good about yourself.

There are also a number of ways through which one can fight off the ill feeling. Counting on the bright side of your life and listing down all the good things that you have done or achieved also helps in boosting your spirit. A hug or comforting touch can also make a great difference. You never know when your simple touch or hug may save a life. Maintain a close relation with your your friends and family.

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