Top 10 Cruel Things Women Do To Men - Interesting Facts

Updated on 10 Feb 2010, Published on 10 Feb 2010

Women being the fairer sex are generally considered as weak, as a result of which, they are provided protection by the law and society. And men either because of their masculinity or whatsoever, may be the reason, are always referred to as nasty and cruel. To a certain extent, it could be true but when it comes to relationships, guys, women can get as nasty and cruel as any man. They really know how to utilize their women power on men in a socially acceptable way and thus holding men at fault. You never know when they will strike at you wearing that mesmerizing smile along with the devilish look in their eyes.

Call it women empowerment or whatever, but they are united to call such acts as justified against men. So guys, get to know some of the meanful ways that girls adopt to torture men. Follwing are the top 10 cruel things women do to men:

1) A woman gets flirty and flatters you and try to impress you. But when you make a move towards her you will soon discover that she has a boyfriend. Though a woman might consider doing this okay but to a guy it is the most annoying thing.

2) The fairer sexes are an expert when it comes to handling men. Heartless woman will hold on to you till she finds another guy to replace you. Before she puts a fullstop in your relationship, she will start another relationship with another guy.

3) There are laws that stand for women to protect them from physical violence but where are the laws for men to save them from physical violence that are inflicted on them. Yes, women knowing the fact that men would never hit them back take the advantage of slapping them across the face. Women in order to gain power over men use this aspect as a weapon.

4) Whoever said, 'manipulate women emotionally' is completely wrong because it is actually women who manipulate men emotionally and financially. Their tears and tantrums are the two most efficient weapon that women use to manipulate inorder to get what they want. And poor men have to give in to it.

5) Women always make their men take exams and they are the invigilator. Despite knowing the fact that you have other plans for the night, they would call you at the last moment and ask you to come to see her for no reasons at all. And the request generally ends with an "if you love me", which means that if you dont reach her place then you are dead meat.

6) Sex is one of the major weapons that women use on men when they have to punish them or to get what they want. It is a frequently used weapon and is quite effective as well. But this is the most awful thing to do because witholding sex is similar to not letting him breathe properly.

7) Jealousy is another sharp-edged weapon that women use against men either to get back at you or to prove their worth. Or sometimes they just love torturing you for no reasons at all. This is a manipulative technique which immature and cruel women use.

8) Women do not mind screaming on their boyfriends or husbands in public. And this is completely acceptable in the society because it is she who is screaming and not he. You made fun of her and this is time for her to get back at you. And the people around instead of getting shocked, will laugh it off.

9) Girls love to make their boyfriends wait for hours and expect them not to complain about it. She will expect you on time but she, herself, will never turn up on time. And if you are late even by 5 minutes, you will be thrown with tantrums as if the world is coming to an end. So, be prepared for the hell-breaking loose.

10) Most of the women will never admit that they want you to praise them. If you praise them, they will not appreciate and if you don't, then be prepared to bear all her grudges and complaints.

11) Women instead of spending their own money in buying drinks for themselves prefer to use their seductive manner to get a guy to buy them one. No doubt there are some genuine women who take the opportunity to get one for themselves. But there are other heartless women who will flirt for a while and move on to find another guy with a fat wallet to assist them in spending them.

12) Women can't tolerate their men looking at other women but they expect you to accept it quietly when they look at other guys. If they see you with another woman, whosoever the woman is, be ready to go through the strict interrogation which is worse than a police interrogation.

13) Women are very secretive and they would not want you to peep into their privacy but they expect you to give an account of what you have been doing the whole day, what you ate, people you met and the things you talked about, and blah, blah.

14) When you are in a relationship with a woman, they would always want to dominate the relationship. They would boast as if you are owned by her and would expect you to dance in her whims.

15) Men usually consider themselves lucky when they attain a girl's number. They consider it a mission thats difficult to accomplish as women do not let men know their number that much easily. But sadly, when you make the next move, either you find out that the girl gave you a fake number or never picks up your call. Women often feel that giving away the number is an easier than to explain why she isn't interested in you.

Most of the women will justify these attitudes and cruel things they do to their men. And they claim to call it playing the cards right for their own protection. Sometimes they use these cruel things to have an upper hand and stay in the dating game.

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2 Responses to "Top 10 Cruel Things Women Do To Men - Interesting Facts"

Sexist article
Unless you are bisexual I do not understand how you can objectively make these gross statements, without being bias. I bet that if you date both men and women you will realize that both genders are equally as cruel and self interested. Most people date only ONE gender, so naturally the opposite is always seen as "evil". If you are not happy with women, then date MEN, no one is forcing you to date women. As a woman I can tell you that men are cruel as well, and I am not so narcissist to believe that just because I am a decent woman, that women are not guilty of being cruel - just don't assume that all men are innocent
absurdly sexist.
This article is rash, absurd and one of the most sexist things I've read in quite awhile, I'm offended--and I'm a guy.

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