True Friendship - Signs Yours Is Not A True Friend

Updated on 26 Jun 2008, Published on 25 Jun 2008

True Friendship - Signs Yours Is Not A True Friend

"Friends Forever", sounds great! Isn’t it? Just think about those moments, that you cherished together with your Best friend. That period of time, when you had all things in common! When you and your pal were like one mind in two bodies! Wow! it further sounds awesome.

But now, let me bring you out of that ever fascinating past and back into the hard-hitting reality. The fact is that, as the world is getting complex, the relationships are getting stranger as well as less trustworthy. Friendship, that once used to be a responsibility, has now become nothing but an opportunity.

So, how to judge whether your friendship is a long-lasting one or just a blow of selfish wind? There are some sure-shot signs of a friendship, those are definitely not going to stay with you for a fairly long period, namely:

1) Beware, if your friend is a narcissist! A narcissist thinks and cares of nobody except oneself, a person very much busy in self interest, can never prove to be a good friend. Forget about being a great friend!

2) If there is absolutely no communication or lack of communication (and that too from your side), then try to understand, as it is an indication that you are being avoided by your "pal" and don’t be shy in accepting the fact that this relationship is not going to last long.

3) Also if you are in friendship with a person, who used to manipulate you with his/her behavior, then sooner or later, you are going to feel this rope of manipulation tighten its grip and you yourself would realize that this relationship is not going to last long.

4) Any Ship, I mean any relationship and especially, friendship can never sail smooth, if it is overloaded with the explosive and devastating stuff, like "jealousy", so the element of jealousy is also an important sign that can reduce the time span of a friendship.

5) Some friends are guide cum philosophers, but on the other hand, some are nothing but bloody naggers cum critics, a friend with not constructive but destructive criticism, is surely going to play a vital role in breaking off the relationship.

6) Also as a famous saying goes, "A friend in need is a Friend indeed", but the truth is that you don’t find friends when you are in need, on the contrary, you find friends when they are in need and that very friend needs you only, when he/she wants to, so the friendship is not going too far.

If any of the above signs is there in your friend, then your friendship indeed needs some serious thinking.

Friendship is a gem that comes with special instructions of "handle with care", but somehow, friends forget to follow these instructions and that is what lets the friendship suffer.

So Friends! (Yes! You can Trust me) try to be a nice friend but at the same time, no need to drag a futureless relationship.


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2 Responses to "True Friendship - Signs Yours Is Not A True Friend"

shera malaysia
um..what if,i've been jealous with my best friend.because i feel like sometimes she treat her new best friend more then she treat me.was that a not a good feeling in friendship?what should i do to reduce this feeling?please..i really3 need help.
Hi Shera,In response to your question and I hope what I say is helpful. What you're feeling isn't jealousy of your friend but rather a fear of losing your friend. Jealousy would be if you were competing to be better than her, trying to have what she has ,trying to be like her,jealous of her accomplishment's verses supporting/being happy for her,etc. Thing's in that nature. This doesn't seem to be the case with you,therefore you aren't jealous of her as a person and you aren't being a bad friend. What you are feeling is a sense of losing her and that show's you are a good friend and care about your friendship deeply.I would suggest you speak your feeling's to her in a sincere way and if she is a best friend,she will assure you that nobody can take your place no matter how many other friend's she has.
Best of Luck!!

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