Types of Harassment

Updated on 21 Feb 2009, Published on 20 Feb 2009

Harassment is just like a multi-faceted devil which can show its ugly side in any form. Earlier it was believed that the main target of people with this unwanted conduct affects only the women but in the last few decades it has been observed that it is not a gender specific evil. However, out of the two genders mostly females have been and are being harassed by their male counterparts. Talking about the different forms of harassment, the following are some of the main types of harassment. Just have a look at the following account and know what you should know:

1.) Racial Harassment: Discrimination of an individual on the basis of the race or color of is one of most frequently used method to demean someone. It would not sound shocking that this type of harassment is present even in one of the most developed countries with a President of the much bullied race.
2.) Bullying: This type of harassment can take place at even those places where you least expect them to take place. Insulting an individual by calling names, playing jokes is one of the very easy methods to degrade someone.

3.) Psychological Harassment: A person is humiliated with saying a word as the tormenting and molestation is done by gestures which can hurt anyone’s emotions. Psychological games are played with the target making him/her give in to the demands of the person harassing the innocent. 'This for that' harrassment is a part of this disgusting game.

4.) Stalking by a group or mobbing is mostly used to lower somebody’s self-esteem and make anyone feel fearful to the threats or intimidation. Violence can also take place in this type of harassment.

5.) Sexual Harassment: It refers to any unwanted, disturbing and disgusting sexual conduct which affects the dignity of both men as well as women. It can happen anywhere but is most common in the workplace and schools. Gender and sexual orientation harassment fall into this family. It involves indecent and unwelcomed words, deeds, actions, gestures, symbols, or behaviors that make an individual feel uncomfortable.

6.) Job Harassment: Workplace harassment is one of the most frequently reported types out of all. Seniors and supervisors pressurize the juniors and do all the offensive things to harass the target. However, the other side of the coin also highlights that some colleagues file cases in order to take revenge from their superior who is a hard taskmaster.

7.) Internet Harassment: Sending offensive emails or visually indecent pictures makes it different from the verbal harassment and physical harassment. Though it is a cyber crime, yet it happens.  

We hope the above account would help you understand the different types of harassment and if you notice any of the above mentioned forms of harassment affecting you or someone you know then don’t be shy in lodging a complaint. As long as we would not make genuine efforts, it is impossible to eliminate this evil from our society. Let us pledge to eradicate it.   

Feel absolutely free to share your precious views, queries, inputs or experiences.

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