Want to Marry your Best Friend?

Updated on 06 Dec 2008, Published on 04 Dec 2008

Friendship, as they say, sometimes gives way to love and there are many couples who used to be ‘just friends’ before being the perfect couples. Though, love and friendship both are based on mutual understanding as well as emotional intimacy but still there is a thin line between the two. A best friend is no less than an ideal companion with whom you can comfortably spend the rest of your life. The level of compatibility between friends is sometimes much more than the so-called ideal couples. Also, it has been observed that the percentage of opposite-sex friendships changing into love is on the higher side. If you also are falling in love with a friend and want to marry your best friend but are in a fix then you are definitely at the right place.

There are some tips that can play a vital role in helping you marry your best friend but also need utmost caution in their implementation as it may affect the divine bond of friendship. You have to understand that it is a gradual process and you have to go step by step with utmost caution. Go through the following five tips and have a love(ly) relationship with your best friend:

(1.) Being a good friend: The first and foremost tip is to be a true friend. It implies that if your friend is already having an affair with someone else then the most romantic thing to do is to sacrifice your love(See how romantic it sounds). Forget about your love and just don’t try being a spoiler, as it can ruin your wonderful friendship.

(2.) Honesty is the best policy: However, if your love track is clear then try to be honest atleast with your own self. An honest approach is needed to be successful in this task. Introspect yourself by asking thousand times whether you are doing the right thing or it is just because you don’t have someone special in your life and you end up seeing your friend as your spouse. Make sure that what you think is love, does not come out as just some sort of crush or infatuation.

(3.) Bring out the best in you: When you are convinced that you are definitely on the right track, then all you have to do is be yourself as well as bringing the best in yourself. Your friend knows how good you are but you have to prove him/her that you are simply the best. So far you have been just like an iron getting attracted towards your friend and now you have to be the magnet attracting the love of your friend.

(4.) Being emotionally close: It is well known fact that emotional intimacy is far more effective as compared to the physical intimacy. So you have to be close to your friend emotionally so that he/she can feel frank enough to share all feelings with you. You have to keep in mind that being in love with your friend increases your responsibility towards him/her as now you are not only a true friend but also the love of her/his life. As you are going to marry your best friend so you have to have a good number of qualities of an ideal companion.

(5.) The Final Blow: The last but not the least tip says that when you are one thousand percent sure that your friend too is falling in love with you even then don’t rush up things as there is a thin line between love and lust. Wait for sometime and find out what your common friends think about you both. You don’t have to do anything more, except proposing or accepting the proposal, because common friends would do the rest of the work without knowing that they are helping your case.

The above tips highlight the gradual process revolving around marrying your best friend. Falling in love with a friend becomes successful if you just stick to the basics, fulfill all the responsibilities of a true friend, work upon your body language, improve your dressing sense and the rest would take care of itself. So, no need to worry and get ready to marry your best friend.

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