What Colour Attracts Women to Men

Updated on 19 Feb 2009, Published on 16 Feb 2009

What color attracts women to men? The question is indeed very much tricky as there are a number of factors which could be responsible for this attraction. The body language, sense of humor, honesty, self confidence, dashing personality etc are some of the reasons causing this attraction between the opposite sexes. But how would you react if someone says that you need to wear a specific color in order to attract the female counterparts. Well! We can understand your emotions but a recent research pointed out that women are attracted to men who wear clothes of blue color.

The color blue is associated with calmness, stability and honesty. It signifies a dependable person with a caring and supporting nature. The research also highlighted that men are attracted to women who wear red. Red is a color generally associated with sexuality and a woman in red appears nothing less than a sweet dish. However, talking about men in blue, women are very much excited when they notice their male counterparts wearing something soothing like sky blue. So next time if someone asks you what color attracts women to men then give a straight forward answer - Blue.

There are different shades of blue available, so you have to take good care about which shade suits you the best. We hope the above account would be extremely beneficial in understanding the attraction between women and men! So all you male readers out there start wearing blue and as far as our female readers are concerned try some wonderful shades of red.

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