Why Men Dump Women- Get Reasons for This

Updated on 16 Jul 2008, Published on 26 Jun 2008

Why Men Dump Women

Well! Well! Well! The question that haunts the minds of almost all the women and many of the men, is indeed thought-provoking. What are the reasons for a man dumping a woman, (and sometimes women doing the same with men)? When I asked this question to a blonde, she replied, "Men dump women because men are men and women are women".

Oh God! This intriguing and quite amusing answer really left no doubts in my mind about various unusual aspects behind this riddle. Let us discuss some of the basic causes for this Dumping act:

1) As we all know, that Men are famous for their over-excessive thinking habit and on the other hand, women are known for their out of the world thinking process. So, it has definitely something to do with the psychology of both men and women. I would like to take this liberty of saying that men start to think in their own unusual way when actually everything is going on very fine, on the other hand, women start their thinking process, when actually there is no need. Thus, both men and women are somehow interrelated as long as their mental abilities are concerned. But Men after a lot of introspection and being dumped for innumerable times, however, realize that instead of getting dumped, it is better to dump.

2) There is a phobia of commitment in men and to escape from this vicious circle of commitments, dumping is an effective solution. Also, if a man is used to get whatever he wants from a woman and suddenly the woman is asking for commitment, the man would not give any second thoughts about the relationship. Also, men don’t like to be pressurized for anything and especially not for marriage.

3) The ever enticing "SEX" also plays a vital role in breaking off a relationship, as the moment a man gets a feel of bad sex life, he would definitely say goodbye to the woman. (So, all you ladies out there! Even if you are having a terrible sex life but want to continue the relationship, then never let your man get the feel of how "impotent" he is, on the contrary, make him realize how "important" he is.)

4) The difference in Attitudes and Values also play a very significant role in men dumping women. As men usually don’t want a dominating spouse,(except sometimes in bed), however, if a woman completely subdues her attitude, then the man would find her boring as well as unchallenging. So, it is a double-edged sword.

5) Also "Infidelity" is an all very important reason for men dumping women. No living thing likes to be cheated and especially, men are too very concerned about the "faithfulness" of their spouse, but if they smell "something fishy", then their next step would be to move on.

6) No Man likes a nagging partner, and many of the women are in the habit of doing nothing except nagging and nagging on. Men feel trapped in a water tight compartment just at the thought of their nagging spouse and just want to live their life with freedom.

7) Men usually just don’t like to be with someone over-possessive. Men, like every human being, want a bit of space and if they are denied this, then men dump women.

If women just keep in mind, these few important points, then no man would ever dump them. As women are the most beautiful creatures on this earth and as the blonde said, "men are men", so just have a chill-pill.

However, if someone has already dumped you then just read on the topic, how to get your ex back.


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