Why do women prefer bad men?

Updated on 23 Jan 2009, Published on 21 Jul 2008

Why do women prefer bad men?

Bad men, hmm…!!! What is your definition of a bad man? How do you differentiate nice men from bad ones? Stereotypically, we may define a bad man as one who is a rebel, arrogant, selfish, cocky, repulsive, abusive and mistreats women. While a nice man talks about all the goody-goody things of life and is a complete contrast to a bad man.

Despite this, why do most nice men fail to woo women? Bad men seem to be smarter in sweeping women off their feet. We often see a nice man finishing at last while approaching a woman for courtship. What is it that makes bad men score more than nice men when it comes to women’s preference?

What I personally feel is that it is not the stereotypical bad guy that women prefer to nice men. What we usually refer to a bad guy is one who is manly, masculine, adventurous, who knows how to get things done in his own way, one who doesn’t give in easily and who loves challenges. We are usually attracted to such kind of persona because we feel that we are being protected in their company.

Another quality that overwhelms us is their self-confidence. No matter where they are, how they look, their confidence reflects like a shining armor which makes women turn on. They are more assured and hold a high self-esteem which is comfortable with oneself.

As a woman, I would say that, we are quite considerate as far as looks are concerned but appearance, in particular, matters. And here bad guys fit the bill inherently. Their masculinity goes perfect with their confidence and indifferent attitude which women find irresistible. Their ‘leave it or take it’ attitude appeals to us all the more that’s why women often prefer bad men.

They are often full of unexplored mysteries which we find intriguing and pose as a challenge to us. In addition to this, they are adventurous and full of excitement which makes women crave for more and wanting to come back each time. Women love to explore and discover things about her man herself, rather than going through an open diary.

In spite of all the insecurities of being in love with a bad boy, we experience some kind of warmth and affection in his company. And his gut to fight for what he wants and to get it, makes him all the more attractive for we want our guy to fight for us, to defend and protect us.

We desire to be handled delicately which the bad guy seems to understand perfectly. Despite being a rebel, he knows how to get into the heart of a woman and get hold of the chords of her heart. He knows how to talk with them and pull the string at the right moment. That is why women always fall for the bad guys.

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6 Responses to "Why do women prefer bad men?"

That YOU call Love (???) Stinks
Then two kids and a nasty divorce later, women cry and say $#!+ about men being so terrible. You choose a man on his ability to put on a show, you LOSE.

Meanwhile nice guy had to turn gay, commit suicide, or actually found someone and made her 100% happy while becoming a model dad.

... and women still have no clue... FAIL.
I agree with the response above me. You see this scenario all over the place. Women don't want honorable men, but the bad ones. They get what they deserve in the end. As the bible says, "a beautiful women without discretion is like a gem in a swines snout".
Nathan Lee
The comments above me are correct: Women are easily deceived and fall in love with ideas. They create a perfect image, they tell other people that they have a "type", and then they date men who look like that type.

I see this often. Many women will even put up with being beaten and abused yet return to this same man.

ALL WOMEN are LIARS and MAKE mankind BAD! They are filthy bit*%s that only seek their selfish ends. They supply adrenaline needed by BAD MEN endlessly but sneakily come to nice men WHEN their greeds are not satisfied. We the good men are the ones that reinvent the wheel everytime for the world and make our species survive while these bi^%&* and the BAD b&*^rds only F$*& and give us more trouble. That's why thru out history daughter's, wives, women were controlled by elders (MEN) and kept home because they knew these B^&**s will contaminate and spoil the world, and cause nothing but trouble to the GOOD. I don't know who came up with women's liberalization .. f^%k it and let's start controlling these so called selfish b&^*hes all over again. They are to be tamed .. TAME IT the BIT&*H!
Phatkickr you are one sick b@stard and you are in very bad need of emotional help I suggest that you see a therapist I am a woman and you have no respect for women at all I can only imagine what your relationship with your mother sister aunts nieces and grandmothers are like
Nice guys finish last. True. But this article is also true, sadly.
I have experienced 2 women that marked my life. They were badly treated by their boyfriends. Only cried in my shoulder and then returned to their boyfriends.
Call me an idiot...women never see what's around them.
Solution: forget that kind of woman. There are some nice ones out there that do give a damn about nice guys. But they are rare. Very rare.

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