Most Romantic Things To Say

Updated on 29 May 2009, Published on 10 Jul 2008

Well! I know what all you eager minds and curious lovers out there are thinking, so what are the most romantic things to say to your spouse? Many of you would agree with me if I say that Love is in itself, the most romantic thing that can happen to anyone, then what is the need to express it again and again? And in love, there is no need to say anything as eyes themselves express the emotions to the heart.

Also, as Michelle Hammersley said "The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them....", but we must remember that sometimes some things add spice to our life and make the bonding stronger than ever. The following are the 5 most Romantic things to say to your spouse:

(1.) Do I need to remind you those 3 magic words, which are the foundation of a good relationship? Yes! You got it right, "I LOVE YOU"; these enchanting words sound like heaven if used with great care and affection. Just look straight into the eyes and say "I love you and my love for you is the only reason that makes me live". Tell your spouse that you are living just to love him/her.

(2.) Never be shy in eulogizing the beauty of your spouse and go ahead in praising that charming personality. Just by saying "YOU ARE CUTE" may leave a remarkable impression on your spouse. However, Males can further use the phrase "The moon is awesome but it gets an inferior complex after seeing my gorgeous cutie" and females can use the expression "Even if I close my eyes, I see nothing but your dazzling personality".

(3.) An Emotional saying like "I just want to live forever in your heart and die in your arms" is definitely a cherished one as it leaves an everlasting and a thought-provoking impression on your spouse.

(4.) "I must have done something good to have you in my life" or "I feel lucky to have you" also makes your spouse feel out of the world as well as very very special. Tell your spouse that he/she is your favourite person in this universe and also that you couldn’t have asked for better.

(5.) Do use the most effective phrase "I miss you" and tell your spouse what he/she really means to you! How exactly you feel without your spouse! Just go ahead say "Your Presence is a must for my Existence" or "I Miss you in my every breath and my heart beats just for you".

All the above romantic things are more effective only if you truly mean what you say and make sure that your spouse understands the fact that you really mean what you say! Hold your spouse close to you and first let your eyes do the talking! After that to leave a mind blowing impression and also that you are just not flirting, you can just whisper any of these romantic things to your spouse.

And As Judy Garland said "For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."

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I have been inspired by wonderful words i wish i knew this yesterday my wife couldnt have had stresses but now i know we shall be there today where we shuld have been then.
Nick robusuts
I love you so much I want to bash your head in with a cinderblock!!!!!

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